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Where is your farm market located?

Our farm market sits right next to our tropical greenhouse – a convenient one-stop shop full of fresh produce, and locally-sourced artisanal food items.

Do you have u-pick strawberries?

No we don’t have U-pick berries. Our greenhouse-grown strawberries will only be available at our farm store.

When can I visit your farm market and greenhouses?

Sure, we’d love for you to visit us! However, there will be no public access to our market store and greenhouses during our seasonal closure from November – March.

Do you offer plant subscriptions?

Not yet, but we are looking at offering this amazing program soon.

Do you sell plants for wholesale?

No, we do not have sufficient growing facility to do so.

Do you offer plant installation and design services?

No, we do not offer that either. 

Can we rent your plants?

No, sorry we do not have a plant rental program.