Alocasia Stingray


Bring Bondi Beach's ‘under the sea’ vibes into your home with this Alocasia Stingray! Resembling the look of a stingray with a long pointed tail at one end of its deep green leaves, this unique Alocasia adds a touch of nautical fun into your space.

This vibrant Alocasia loves warm and humid conditions. It needs filtered sunlight so a seat next to a window is perfect. Water when the top 2 inches of soil are dry, which is about once or twice a week. Place in well-draining soil and fertilize during spring every 2 weeks. 

Plant Care

LightBright Indirect Light. Avoid harsh, sun-direct light as that could lead to scorching of the plant's leaves.

Water:  Alocasias are water-loving plants. Keep the soil consistently moist, but not soggy. They require less water during the winter months as they go through dormancy.

Fertilize: Feed every 2-3 months during growing season Spring-Summer. 

Pet Safety: No. Alocasias can be poisonous to pets and may include toxic irritants that may cause vomiting and GI tract irritation.

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