Neoregilia Bromeliad


Neoregelia is a beautiful Bromeliad that will fit nicely with your cactus and/or succulent collection! Excellent for spaces in need of lasting color, they are eye-catching enough as a single plant or planted in groups.

Bromeliads are known to book during summertime, or whenever they reach their optimal growing condition.

Plant Care

Light: Bright, Indirect Light (Direct sun can scorch their leaves)

Water: Though they relatively have the same care for cacti and succulents, bromeliads do need a bit more water, preferring to keep their soil moist during summer time. In the wintertime, allow them to dry completely before watering lightly.

The central cup should be kept filled with pure filtered, distilled, or rainwater.


Pet Friendly: Bromeliads are known to be pet-friendly

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