Ficus Burgundy Elastica - Large


Featuring thick, glossy, deep burgundy leaves, this Rubber Plant is an all-time customers' favorite at Vandula Farms

The retro 70's era paved the way for the popularity of this plant! The Burgundy Elastica can tolerate a range of low to bright light but will produce a brilliant red leaf given more sun.

Plant is available 4-inch & 10-inch grower's pot (Decorative pot sold separately)

Plant Care

Light: Place in a location with plenty of bright light, but not direct sunlight.  

Water: Once a week, or when the top 2-3 inches of soil is dry. Make sure to avoid giving excess water it is sensitive to overwatering. Like most houseplants, it's best to water your plant at room temperature or lukewarm water.  

Fertilize: Feed Once a month from Spring-Fall.

Pet Safety: Burgundy Elastica can be toxic to cats & dogs

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