Ficus Rubber 'Tineke'


By far the most photogenic plant in the design world!

Ficus Decora 'Tineke' is the show-off cousin of the darker leafed Rubber Plant (Ficus Burgundy).

Its gorgeous creamy tricolor stands out in any room. Rubber plants are wildly known for their adaptability to a wide range of indoor environments. 

Decorative Planter Sold Separately

Plant Care

Light: Place in a location with plenty of bright light, but not direct sunlight.  

Water: Once a week, or when the top 2-3 inches of soil is dry. Make sure to avoid giving excess water as Rubber plants dislike overwatering. Like most houseplants, it's best to water your plant at room temperature or lukewarm water.  

Fertilize: Feed Once a month from Spring-Fall.

Pet Safety: Rubber Plants can be toxic to cats & dogs

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