Living with Plants (Hardcover)


This is your go-to book to creating a beautiful botanical living space on a budget!

Houseplants offer the perfect solution to the urban dweller lacking in space - indoor and outdoor. They are an easy and exciting way to transform the look and feel of your home, even if you are living in a space no bigger than a shoebox. 

Living with Plants will teach you how to create bespoke beautiful botanics for your home or even your office. 

This book offers practical ways to green-up your living space: from moss wall hangings, potted plants, air plants, water plants, hanging baskets, terrariums, and more. Each project can be adapted to use equipment you already have at home, as well as teaching you ways you can upcycle your own pots, containers, plant stands, and wall hangings.

Discover which plant is best for which room as well as inspiring ways you can dress up your home for a celebration or party. 

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