Sansevieria Francisii


If you're looking for a bold & funky plant, Francisii grants your wish! Its full and spiky personality is unlike any other Sansevierias. This is a gem for any Snake Plant collector!

The Sansevieria is the perfect beginner plant and makes an ideal gift for any occasion.

If this drought-tolerant Sansevieria could speak- it would then say “leave me alone for a  couple of months, please.” We mean it though, neglect will keep this one thriving! 

Popularly known for being super low-maintenance, they will also clean your air! A WIN for you, your green thumb, and your home!

Plant Care

Light: Tolerance to Low and Bright light

Water: Every 4-6 weeks, depending on light exposure. Water less in the winter, allowing the soil to completely dry out before the next watering

Fertilizer: Fertilize once every 2-3 months during active growth in Spring -Summer. 

Pet Safety: No. This plant can be toxic to animals if ingested. 

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