Aglaonema Silver Bay

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This ever so easy Chinese evergreen or Aglaonema Silver Bay, is loved by interior designers and it's not surprising why!

Not only known for its beautiful emerald patterned leaves it is also adaptable to most indoor lighting. Yes, even artificial light! Perfect for, and not limited to, the office, shady corners, and bathrooms. Growing taller and denser over time.

Care for by mixing perlite with potting mix soil for extra drainage. Watering when the top 2 inches of soil are dry. Depending on the amount of light you give this plant will determine the amount of water it needs. So if kept in low-light allow more time to dry out before watering again to avoid root rot. Especially in the colder months.
 Repot every 1-2 years.


Light: Low - Medium Indirect light

Water: Allow soil to dry completely, then water thoroughly. 

Fertilize: Feed once a month during Spring-Summer.