Ox Airplant


Harness some luck and fortune into your space with this Ox Airplant!

It's no coincidence that air plants have taken Pinterest by storm in the last couple of years. Their diverse range of exotic shapes, sizes, and color vibrance made them a very popular indoor plant choice.

Air plants are wildly known for their durability and adaptability, with the no-soil requirement to grow (yup, you heard that right), making them the perfect choice for the low-maintenance plant-lover.

So if bi-weekly watering of your succulents is proving to be a bit more ambitious, then air plants are for you!

Plant Care

Mist your air plants with a bottle sprayer 3-4 times per week. 

They prefer shaded or dappled light.

Larger air plants with thicker leaves (such as Tillandsia Xerographicas) are best to be soaked in water 2x-3x a month for about 20 mins, and weekly during the warmer months. 

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