Dracaena Reflexa


Combine all the qualities of a covetable houseplant and you'll find them all in Dracaena Reflexa, or commonly known as Song of India. 

Easy-care, drought-resistant, and stunning in every shape & form -Song of India ranks in the list of must-have varieties for every plant collection. This Dr. Seuss-looking plant is strikingly unique for its chartreuse half-curling variegated foliage. 

Dracaenas are generally known for air-purifying abilities and will survive in most household environments.  

10" Plant is Approx. 2-Feet Tall

Comes in 10" Nursery Pot. Decorative planter sold separately.

Plant Care

Light: Low - Bright Indirect light.

Water: When the top 4 inches of soil are dry, give a thorough watering. Do not let this plant sit in excess water. 

Fertilizer: Fertilize lightly once a month from Spring- Summer. 

Pet Friendly: No. This plant is can be toxic to cats & dogs 

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