Euphorbia Tirucalli 'Firesticks'


Euphorbia Tirucalli, most commonly known as 'Firesticks' succulent boasts a stunning foliage that glows electric pink when given plenty of bright sun.

This species is very drought tolerant and best displayed on the brightest area of your home.

Plant Care

Water: Water your euphorbia every 2-3 weeks in the summer time, making sure that the soil is completely dry in between watering, and the water completely drains through its growers pot. The biggest killer of this beauty, is over watering resulting in root rot. 

Avoid watering during the winter months (November- March). Like most indoor plants, Cacti & Succulents enter dormancy in the winter, so its best to give them their  their beauty sleep! 

Light: Find the brightest spot in your home to live happily ever after. 

Pet safe: Be careful when handling Euphorbia and Cactus. It is recommended to wear garden gloves when handling to protect yourself. Even the smallest amount of African milk from the tree can be very toxic. Its white, latex sap can cause skin irritation.

Keep this plant out of reach from your pets & small children.

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