Buff Terracotta Cylinder Pot- XS


Whether you’re in Palm Springs, Vancouver, or New York, these artisanal Terracottas will fit right into the modern & sleek while boasting a perfect nod to the boho wonderland.

These thick-walled, breathable terracotta pots have been high fired in special clay blends making them more durable in the years to come.

Please note that due to the nature of terracotta, no two pots are exactly alike and each unit may come with a perfectly imperfect finish.

XS Pot fits a 6" Grower's pot

Product Details
  • Pot Measures 6.5" W x 6.2" H - Fits a 6" nursery pot
  • Drainage Hole: Yes
  • Fits a Medium Saucer (sold separately)
  • Recommended for Indoor Use only - Not frost-proof 
  • Handcrafted in Mexico

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