Peperomia Deppeana


Need a cute a desk plant to brighten up your day? Peperomia Deppeana is a compact easy to care for plant that resembles the look of petite creeping jades!

Best suited in a hanging pot or on a shelf to showcase its lush trailing qualities.

Plant comes in 4" pot size

Plant Care

Light: Indirect medium light. Avoid direct sunlight as it will damage its leaves.

Water: This plant thrives with humidity. Water weekly during the growing season Spring-Summer. It is best to check the soil and when dry water again. Reduce watering in Fall and Winter. It is better to water less more often to prevent root rot.

Fertilizer: Fertilize once a month during the growing season Spring-Summer and especially during periods of growth. 

Pet Friendly: Yes. This plant is pet safe. 

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