Philodendron Moonlight

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One look at this plant and it would be impossible not to swoon over Philodendron Moonlight's bold, wavy pattern of chartreuse leaves. 

Philodendrons are generally easy-care tropical plants that do not require a lot of attention. With its dense and shrub-like growth, this plant can achieve a maximum height of up to 2 ft!

This plant will continue to delight you with intense lemon yellow new leaves that turn into bright light green foliage over time.

Philodendrons generally grow best in loose, well-draining soil that is high in organic matter. These plants can thrive in a soilless mixture which may include bark, coir, perlite, and 10% activated charcoal to remove all the impurities in the medium.

Plant Care

Light: Give plenty of bright, indirect sunlight and this plant will reward you with more stunning leaves.

Water: Allow the soil to dry out 1-2" deep in between watering. Philodendrons don't like sitting on very wet soil. Droopy leaves can mean that the plant is getting too much or not enough water. Philodendrons are generally resilient plants! Leaves will recover quickly when you correct the watering schedule.

Fertilizer: Fertilize once a month during their active growing season. Spring-Summer. Pale new leaves usually indicate that the plant isn’t getting enough calcium and magnesium, which are essential micro-nutrients for philodendrons. 

Pet Safety: No. This plant is mildly toxic to animals. Oral irritation can occur.  

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