Rabbit Foot Fern


Add a new lucky charm to your space with this soft, fluffy textured Rabbit's Foot Fern. You will feel as though nature's got your back as more fuzzy rhizomes pour over the top of the pot. 

This air-purifying house plant does require a little more attention than other less sensitive houseplants but it well worth it! As it loves humidity and water we recommend placing the plant on top of a saucer full of rocks. Pouring water over the rocks to help create its favourable environment. 

The rhizomes can grow quite long overtime. You don't want to bury the rhizomes under the soil as this encourages rot. So, depending on your taste you can clean them up with some pruning or let them run free. 

Plant Care

Light: Medium Indirect.

Water: Keep soil moist. Not overly soaking. Water when the top inch of soil is dry. 

Fertilize: Feed every two weeks with a water mix solution. 

Pet Friendly: Yes

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