Sansevieria Birdsnest


Looking for a little ease in your life?  Then you'll find yourself embracing all Sanseverias, out there!

Birdsnest is the adorable, compact Sansevieria that's identical in care to its taller family members. 

Easy to care for and requiring low light, this plant is perfect for beginners and happy to sit in any space of your home! Sansevierias tolerate low humidity, and can be grown in high light, deep shade, and everywhere in between. 

But did you also know that Sansevierias are succulent plants? They thrive in well-draining soil. and can live for generations with very little attention. Not just pretty, they're on double duty adding an architectural element to your space and ranking NASA's plant air purifying list.

Plant Care

Light: Low - Bright Indirect light. Careful for direct light as it can cause the leaves to burn.

Water: Every 1-2 months, depending on light exposure. Water less in the winter, allowing the soil to completely dry out before the next watering

Fertilizer: Fertilize 1-2 times during Spring -Summer

Pet Safety: No. This plant is toxic to animals if ingested.

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