Schefflera Arboricola Gold Column


Your high ceiling deserves this ultimate statement plant! Boasting 9ft high, this variegated Schefflera Gold Column will bring so much life to the dab corner of your living room given a good amount of natural light.

Also known as the Umbrella tree, its five leaf clusters provide lush and full shape to the plant, but its best feature by far is its tolerance for medium light and little water. This plant does best placed in medium to bright indirect light, and likes a moderate to low amount of water. 

Plant stands 8ft tall in a 14" nursery pot

Plant Care:

Light: Bright Indirect Light. Place your plant away from hot or cold air drafts. 

Water: Be sure to water your plant upon delivery. Schefflera likes dry soil and will rot when too much moisture is present. When the soil is dry 2/3 of the way through the pot, then the plant is ready to be watered. In lower light conditions, be sure to water more sparingly.  Keep soil slightly moist, not allowing the soil to dry out completely.

Fertilizer: Once or twice during its growing season (Spring - Summer)

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