Staghorn Fern


We certainly know why staghorn ferns are ever so popular! Their striking foliage and easy-growing habits make them an incredibly versatile plant. Their elongated foliage is beautiful to display on any surface, either mounted on the wall or a sitting decor piece on your tabletop. 

Staghorn Ferns are perfect for DIY driftwood hanging wall projects. They will thrive in any environment that mimics their natural element - growing on trees without any soil. 

Plant Care

Light: Medium Indirect. if you notice round brown leaves at the base of the plant, leave them there! It is natural and it is part of its growing process. This is not a sign that your fern is dying. 

Water: Soak roots weekly in the summer and every 2-3 weeks in the winter. Mist regularlyrly!

Fertilizer: Feed once a month during Spring-Summer with a liquid solution. 

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