Senecio Rowleyanus - 'String of Pearls'


String of Pearls is one of the easier vining succulents to care for if you provide it with plenty of bright, indirect light. 

You can encourage it to show off its pearl-shaped green leaves by letting them dangle.

Plant Care

Light: Place in a bright light location (with some direct sun) to get the best color and plenty of leaves.

Water: String of Pearls is a trailing succulent plant, which means that they can be more tolerant to dry soil.  Make sure to allow your soil to dry out before watering thoroughly. Keep the soil slightly moist in the Spring and Summer.

Fertilizer: Fertilize once a month from Spring-Summer.

Pets Safety: This plant is toxic if ingested.  Keep away from pets and small children.  It may also cause skin irritation.

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