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Article: Top 10 Low-Care Plants That Make Terrariums Beautiful

Top 10 Low-Care Plants That Make Terrariums Beautiful

Top 10 Low-Care Plants That Make Terrariums Beautiful

Planting a terrarium garden doesn't take long once you know the best plants to include. With so many choices available, the trouble is that it's easy for newbie gardeners to place the wrong mix of plants inside the terrarium.

Initially, you have three basic choices for a terrarium garden: cacti, a mix of succulents and cacti, or tropical plants. But always keep in mind that each species has different watering needs!

For instance, tropical plants usually require frequent watering, so it's a bad call to put cacti in the same garden. On the other hand, it's perfectly OK to include succulents alongside cacti since both types require less watering and feeding.

Besides, the trick to a lush terrarium garden is to use the right-sized pots; usually, the 2-inch variety works excellent when starting out. Another consideration is the size of the tank since the average terrarium will only fit a maximum of four plants.

So, with those essential tips in mind, here are the top 10 low-care plants that look beautiful in any terrarium garden.


1 – Cacti

You can't go wrong with cacti in a terrarium because they're low-maintenance plants, and they have a classic appeal with their namesake cactus spines. Yet, the trick to growing them well is to avoid high humidity since cacti thrive in drier climates.

2 – Aluminum Plant

As a plant that grows fairly fast, aluminum plants are also great for new terrarium gardens. These plants take root quickly, and they do well at warmer temperatures, which makes them a great addition when you want to add something unique to your garden.

3 – Polka Dot Plant

This plant gets its name from the unmistakable colored dots that resemble freckles more than anything. You can find them in red, silver, and pink, and they don't require frequent watering like tropical plants.

4 – Haworthia 

What makes a Haworthia plant a good choice is that it's one of the easiest succulent-type plants to grow in a terrarium. You only need to water this type every few weeks or when the soil feels dry to the touch. Appearance-wise, Haworthia resembles aloe Vera mostly, even though the two are distinct species.

5 – Nephthytis

The Nephthytis is another easy-to-raise indoor houseplant, which looks beautiful in a terrarium mix. Watering-wise, you don't need to water it every other day, but you will have to keep the leaves out of direct sunlight to keep them from bleaching.

6 – Peperomia

The Peperomia plant is a slow grower, making it work well in terrarium gardens of any size. Certainly, you won't have to worry about this plant getting out of hand and crowding out its fellow terrarium-mates. Depending on the species, the leaves can either be lush green or tinged with red around the edges.

7 – Syngonium

Similar to Nephthytis plants, Syngoniums are a relatively low-maintenance species but with a few critical differences. Mainly, the leaves will start to spread and sprawl once the plant reaches full maturity, so in a terrarium, you'll have to manage its growth closely.

8 – Button Fern

The best terrariums have variety, but mixing it up takes more than plants that look different. The trick is to include plants in a terrarium that don't necessarily need much light, flourishing in the shade instead. The Button Fern is a prime example of a plant that fits well in terrariums and won't die if its neighbors grow tall and start to soak up all the sunlight.

9 – English Ivy

Another excellent choice for a terrarium garden is an English Ivy plant because, like similar species, they don't need watering every other day. But they don't need direct sunlight, just bright light, so that's why they work well in terrariums, which usually don't require direct sunlight.

10 – Succulents

Last but not least, succulents are yet another classic addition to any terrarium. There's a good reason why people love to care for succulents: they don't die or rot quickly and don't require constant pruning or watering. They're the epitome of house plants since they go with just about any type of flora.

Without a doubt, these ten low-care plants would make a fabulous addition to your new terrarium garden. The hard part is deciding which ones you like best!

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