A family-owned farm

“The little roadside stand by the highway” is how we’re described in our Delta community back in the 80’s. A migrant from China, our beloved dad Yew Ming Soo learned the ropes of selling produce (everything actually) in his teenage years. Accustomed to selling fruits on the road, Yew bought the land in 1979 (now home of Vandula Farms) with the bonus of an existing farm stand perfectly set-up to sell his fruits along the highway.

Yew happily continued his farm stand operation until he retired in 2001 while passing on the torch to his right hand man, Steve. A tiny man with a big heart and indomitable ambition- Steve rolled up his sleeves and drew his cultivating prowess to bring in an authentic farm market shopping experience.

Our commitment to quality and value pricing turned this 7-acre farm into a popular destination attended by thousands of our valued customers from Surrey, Delta, White Rock, Tsawassen, and Vancouver beginning April until the Halloween.