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Step into our Tropical Greenhouse and be inspired to bring nature into your interior surroundings.

Our Indoor oasis houses an exciting collection of warm-loving tropical trees and air-purifying plants that will captivate both the seasoned collector, and the novice plant enthusiast.

Botanical Delights


Stop by our Potting Bar and shop our in-house designed botanical arrangements that will effortlessly bring beauty into your indoor surroundings!

Speak to one of our potting bar associates for assistance on plant selection and care tips to keep your arrangement keeping at its best shape.

Plant Vessels for a Well-Lived Home

Modern Containers

Let your plants shine in style with our carefully curated selection of modern pots and planters that are practical and will showcase the natural beauty of your indoor green companions.

Whether you're shopping for plants for your workspace or living room, our indoor pots selection will bring you boundless inspiration to take your plant styling game to new heights!

modern living made simple


Step inside our tropical greenhouse and discover a world of distinct offerings, warm ambiance, and sheer inspiration. Immerse yourself in our carefully curated lifestyle vignettes, showcasing unique modern decor and thoughtful gifts.

It's not just about shopping for indoor plants and pottery - at our nursery, you'll uncover a wealth of ideas to elevate your space. Whether you browse through our hand-picked selection of lifestyle books or delight in the heavenly scents of our candles, you are bound to enjoy a unique shopping experience.

Come visit us and see for yourself the wonders that await!