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Article: Yikes! Can too much sunlight hurt houseplants?

Yikes! Can too much sunlight hurt houseplants?

Yikes! Can too much sunlight hurt houseplants?

Aside from frequently overwatering your green bundles of joy, not caring about what the plants likes, putting a houseplant in too much direct sunlight is an excellent way to end the plant's days.

It's common for new plant parents to have no clue whatsoever about the right amount of sunlight their babies need, so we want to change that ASAP!

Here are the top four reasons why too much sunlight can hurt your green friends more than you think:

1 - Some species need less light anyways

One of the best parts about caring for houseplants is that they're generally low maintenance plants, but not always. We automatically assume that plants need a lot of sunlight to grow well.

After all, that's how vegetables grow strong right? Wrong! Certain houseplants thrive well in parts of the home far away from windows if you pick the right species.

2 - Sunlight warms the soil, evaporating moisture faster

Plants drink up sunlight naturally, and that's how they've evolved over millions of years. but sunlight also heats the soil around the plant and can make the soil dry out way faster than average.

Unless your green friend needs explicitly warm, moist soil like most tropical species, too much sunlight can dry out the plant without you even knowing!

3 - Direct sunlight really means direct sunlight

It's tempting to take short cuts and follow plant care instructions half-way. After all, it's only a houseplant, so what could go wrong?

Plenty can go wrong, actually, mostly if a species that needs direct sunlight sits in shaded areas of the home. Direct sunlight six to eight hours a day means direct sunlight, not merely close enough to sunlight to get by.

4 - Plants get sunburned, too

An excellent way to tell if your green bundle of joy is getting too much sun is to pay attention to the leaves. They will start to dry on the stalks before your eyes if you sunburn the plant.

Some indoor plants' leaves may look spotted, bleached, and sickly if they get too much son. The good news is that a sunburned houseplant can recover once you figure out what it likes.

Giving your green friends the right amount of sunlight - and the correct type of sun - will keep them healthy and vibrant for years to come.

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