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Much like our produce, we place tremendous value on buying from local BC growers because of their expertise to select plants that grow best in our region. Factors such as disease resistance, growing days and heat tolerance are greatly considered, therefore resulting in plants that have better longevity and local heartiness.

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From annuals to perennials, trees to shrubs, hearty vegetable plants to lush tropical foliage, our nursery is bursting at the seams of life.

Between early Spring until Fall, you will be delighted to walk through our Garden Centre. Here, you'll be surrounded by the colours and smell of nature, the gorgeous hanging baskets we've earned a reputation for, and all the thoughtful gift items you can pick up for Mother's Day or any other day.

One thing is certain- whether you come for the scenery, pick up some berries, or splurge on that special Birds of Paradise you've been eyeing, you will always leave excited to bring that new plant home, or gift into the hands of that special someone.

You're always welcome.

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