Monstera Deliciosa


If you can imagine yourself getting lost in the Rainforests and lush Botanical Gardens, you will be enamored with Monstera Deliciosa! This plant has definitely risen to be an icon in the world of botanical interiors due to its strikingly distinct perforated leaves.

If you're looking for a rather more statement piece, a moss totem is ideal in achieving to bring this majestic monstera growing tall. Too tall for your liking? No problem, it's super easy to trim back and propagate. This easy to care, best-selling plant is an absolute dream for beginners and a staple in every indoor plant collection.

10" Plant is Approx. 2-Feet Tall

Decorative Pot Sold Separately

Plant Care

Light: Moderate - bright Indirect light.

Water: Every 1-2 weeks. Allow soil to dry out, then water thoroughly. Watering less in winter.

Fertilizer: Fertilize once every month during the Spring-Summer season. 

Pet Friendly: No. This plant is toxic to animals.

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