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WillGro Sphagnum Moss

WillGro Moss is a high-quality naturally sterile sphagnum moss.

Sphagnum Moss helps accelerate growth, reduces shock in seed starting, and an excellent planting medium for epiphytic plants, potting soil amendment, lining baskets, or for other art projects. It has a neutral pH level and is great for retaining moisture in the soil, even when dried.

How to Use:

Before using, place moss in a container of water and allow it to hydrate completely. Use hands to squeeze excess water out. When potting, do not pack moss into the pot too tightly. The tighter the moss is packed, the less water it holds. Never allow moss to dry out completely.

Available in 150g and 500g bags

Packaged in Canada

WillGro Sphagnum Moss
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